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IP and Co-IP Technical Service

Immunoprecipitation, IP, is an assay used to purify a antigen from a sample mixture using a specific antibody attached to protein A/G agarose resin. A common method is to incubate antibody and sample, followed by addition of affinity resins to capture the antibody-antigen complex, then the eluted sample would be detected by western blot.
The purpose of Co-Immunoprecipitation,Co-IP, is to isolate the antigen along with any proteins or ligands that are bound to it in natural condition.
Basic process:
1. Prepare sample lysis and quantitation.
2. Incubation of sample, antibody and protein A/G agarose.
3. Collect precipitation, wash, eluted.
4. Western Blot detection.
5. Provide WB picture and the experiment report.
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