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Mouse anti-abscisic acid monoclonal antibody expected to reduce cost

View:314 Time:2013-03-07

The scientists have been hoping to crack the drugs Mouse anti-abscisic acid monoclonal antibody technology.

According to reports, Streptonigrin antitumor antibiotic produced by Streptomyces by a fluff it has a broad-spectrum anti-tumor activity, especially for malignant lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and chronic myelogenous leukemia have better clinicalefficacy. Drug seventies and eighties in the last century, has been called the anti-cancer medicine used in the clinical trials, but ultimately not been widely used in clinical practice.

In this Mouse anti- abscisic acid monoclonal antibody process, also discloses a plurality of novel or key molecular biological mechanism of enzyme catalyzed reactions. The study antibiotics novel enzyme-catalyzed reaction gene mining, and laid the basis for the work to create a new structure derivatives using synthetic biology and other cutting-edge biotechnology.

The price of new drugs in the future, but also the focus of the research team. The streptonigrin standard price is very expensive, and 1 mg of the compound of about 900 yuan, 4000 yuan and its analogs. The price of ordinary families, it is a great burden.

Reducing the cost of Mouse anti- abscisic acid monoclonal antibody is necessary, on the need to increase production now, the researchers of the research results can be up to about 200 mg / liter of fermentation broth. This production is several times higher than the original producing bacteria, so the cost is expected to reduce.

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