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Warmly Welcome Germany antibodies-online to Cusabio

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On the morning of October 25, the president of the German antibodies-online Dr. Andreas Kessell, the marketing director Philippe Eckerle, the finance director Sabine Gahrns and the Marketing Specialist Timo Juritsch came to visit Wuhan Cusabio Co., Ltd. Our general manager Quan gao Hua, the technical director Hexiao Shen and all the staff expressed warm welcome to the visitors.

Antibodies-online is a global network marketing biotechnological company, which is headquartered in Aachen, German, and it sets up marketing agencies in Europe and the U.S. It has a good marketing cooperation partnership with our company, and is our stable customer in Europe. With the rapid growth of bilateral business, the executives of antibodies-online company took a onthespot investigation to our company, and made a detailed discussion and plan for future cooperation.

Accompanied by the general manager and technical director, the executives visited every sector of our company first. Our strong R&D strength, excellent hardware facilities, strict production process gained full praises from President Dr. Andreas Kessell. And they are very interested in our emerging field of research, that is the development of diagnostic reagent raw materials at the same time.

President Dr. Andreas Kessell expressed his satisfactions about bilateral cooperation in the talks firstly, and said they would expand cooperation in all aspects with Cusabio, the cooperation and partnership level would have a new breakthrough in the future.

President Dr. Andreas Kessell also said that while enlarging the cooperation in the scope of research reagents, they would expand the cooperation in the field of diagnosis reagents. Our general manager said we would give greater support for further cooperation. The meeting kept going in a pleasant atmosphere, and both sides achieved common views for future cooperation. President Dr. Andreas Kessell sent their specially prepared gifts for Cusabio cheerfully, and invited us to antibodies-online friendly, and we sent them our gifts with Chinese characteristics. The talks ended in a pleasant atmosphere.


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