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the United Nations Industrial Development Organization conducted a visit to our company

View:550 Time:2012-05-16

On August 17, UNIDO delegation conducted a visit to our company, the delegation was formed by senior technical officer from the UNIDO Director Sun, UNIDO Investment Promotion Office of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry researcher shuang Sheng, Deng, the operation of industrial clusters and capital program office staff Jing, Wan, from the UNIDO. The general manager Quangao, Hua, the technology director Hexiao,Shen, and the executive manager Jing,Ge received this visit.

The delegation visited each department of the company led by the leaders, and had a comprehensive understanding of our technology innovation, industrial scale, and animal centers .

Both sides had a talk after the visit, the technology director Shen illustrated the business direction, the development model, the dimensions and speed of development of the company in detail. UNIDO pharmaceutical industry researcher Shuangsheng, Deng had a strong interest in the momentum of rapid development and the business model of the company. The general manager did a brief introduction about it .Wuhan cusabio is the first to get into the high-tech gazelle of the East Lake, she grows with the speed exceeded 200% per year and expands, which is the proud of all staff in the company. Starting from zero base, exploring and seeking suitable and fixed development model and based on integrity since its inception, cusabio got its success eventually taking the development of dealer as a model. Being an enterprise with certain scale, cusabio developed its business all-sided. It has fixed the distributors in many provinces, and sales channels have been opened in large areas domesticly and abroad, in addition, there are a large number of independent research and development company products, and have been accessed to customer consistent trust, which had provided a powerful bio-technical support and strong backing in an increasingly competitive market..

After that , the senior technical officer on behalf of UNIDO Director Sun, made a presentation to the UN Industrial Development Organization. Both sides made a discussion on the related work about further deepening cooperation in technology transfer and cooperation projects in product marketing, and made a detailed introduction about future partner ConfiHealth . Finally, we ended the visit in a  harmonious atmosphere.


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